Fraud Prevention

In an age of sophisticated cyber threats and evolving scams, protecting your personal and financial information has never been more critical. Here, you'll find the latest insights and comprehensive resources designed to keep you one step ahead of fraudsters. 


  • Always use trusted security software and update it regularly.
  • NEVER email or give out your financial information or account numbers over the phone to anyone!
  • Be extremely cautious about opening attachments or downloading files, regardless of the source.  It’s the prime way that the fraudsters gain access to your computer and financial information.
  • Use passwords that are hard to guess, and don’t use the same one for all sites.
  • When not in use, shut down your computer completely.
  • Never give control of your computer to a third party, regardless of the reason why.
  • Do not rely on caller ID to authenticate a caller.
  • Be cautious of scammers posing as tech support online. Use the tech support listed on software packaging or receipts.
  • If keeping secrets is involved, RUN.
  • If you are told not to trust the FBI, police, your bank, etc..... hang up.
  • ANYTHING that makes you say “Hmmm” … report it right away.
  • Report in-person romance scams to local law enforcement.
  • Report online romance scams to
  • Forward suspected phishing emails to
  • Forward phishing text messages to SPAM (7726).


Please know that First State Bank will never contact you and ask for your username, password, debit card/account numbers, or any personal information. If you receive a phone call requesting this information, DO NOT share. HANG UP.

If you are in doubt about any transaction or phone conversation, err on the side of caution and call the bank at 903-676-1900 or come by any of our locations.  One of our Customer Service Representatives will be glad to help.

Computer/Internet Scams:

  • Phishing: Authentic- looking emails, text messages, and web pages used to trick unsuspecting users into opening unknown items and links.
  • Email spoofing: Email addresses that are disguised to look like that of someone you know.
  • Pop up messages that indicate viruses with links to “solve” the issue that are usually viruses themselves.

Language Scammers Use:

  • “We suspect an unauthorized transaction on your account. To ensure your account is not compromised, please click the link below and confirm your identity.”
  • “During a verification of accounts, we could not verify your information.  Please click here to update and verify your information.”
  • “Our records indicate that your account was overcharged. Call us to receive your refund.”

Elderly Targets & Romance Scams:

  • Seniors 60+ are more likely to be targeted through a computer, while seniors 80+ are more likely to be targeted by a phone call.
  • Scammers will follow you on social media to gain knowledge of your lifestyle.  They will read the obituaries to get a list of family members and prey on your emotions.
  • Romance scams are when a new love interest-that you’ve met over the internet or phone- convinces you that they love you.  What they really love is your money and they are not who they say they are. Eventually, they will use scare tactics to get you to send them money, over and over again.

Language Often Used with a Romance Scam:

  • The “new love” asks for you to wire money, share your credit card information, ask you for access to your bank account, request that you open a joint account with them, or ask you to initiate a loan with them.
  • They will use phrases like “Act Now”, “Only say what I tell you to say”, “Do this or you’ll be arrested”, “Don’t hang up”, “Don’t trust anyone, including your bank”.
  • They will tell you to “Move your money to protect it”, “Withdrawal cash and give it to [name]”, “Go to a Bitcoin ATM”, “Buy gift cards.”  These are all red flags that should not be ignored!


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