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You’ve cared for your farm for generations and here at First State Bank, we’ll do the same. With a team of local ag lenders who have served farmers for decades, we understand the need to adapt. Whether purchasing livestock, farm equipment, raw land, or just about anything ag related, let us help find a path forward for your farm and your family. If you would like to experience the difference of working with a local lender who understands your farm’s needs, contact your local First State Bank branch. 

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Farm EquipmentIf you need to purchase a tractor, harvesting equipment, or a high-technology fertilizer planter, farm equipment loans can provide the financial assistance you need. They are an excellent way to take advantage of the latest technological advances in agriculture while preserving your cash flow.  
LivestockLivestock loans allow you to purchase feeder or breeding livestock. Terms are set to match your unique borrowing needs. Repayment is based on factors that include species, age and expected market date for the livestock.  
Ag Real EstateFind the loan that will allow you to purchase additional land for your farm’s operation. These loans can be used to purchase grazing land for livestock, additional acreage for planting, or land to build new structures such as barns, equipment storage or housing.  

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