Positive Pay

Check tampering remains a threat to businesses despite the popularity of electronic payments.  The counterfeiting of checks is on the rise due to the sophistication in color copying and publishing.  Positive Pay allows you to protect your business from fraud threats by check.

How does it work?

  • Business Customer submits check issued report through business online banking. (List of check numbers, dollar amount and account number of each check)
  • Positive Pay verifies criteria when check is presented for payment.
  • If criteria is met, a check is paid.  An exception is created if Positive Pay finds mismatched data.
  • An exceptions report is sent to customer for pay/no pay decision.

For more information on the product and associated costs, please contact a customer service representative at (903) 676-1900.

Positive Pay FAQs

What can I do with Positive Pay?

  • Upload your check register online so that checks clearing your account can be verified as valid checks.
  • Make decisions on items that do not match your register and have them returned to th depositing bank immediately.
  • Monitor the checks clearing through your account daily to help deter fraudulent items from posting.

What do I need to get started?

  • You will need access to First State Bank's Business Online Banking.
  • Complete a Positive Pay agreement.
  • Our E-Commerce staff will walk you through completing the set up and processing your first file.

What else do I need? 

  • A high-speed connection to the Internet.
  • Software that creates a Positive Pay electronic file.

What is the cost? 

  • One time set up fee of $100.
  • For smaller business accounts, you might prefer the $20 minimum monthly fee for processing up to 50 items*
  • Or, for larger check writing business customers, the $50 flat monthly fee gives you the freedom to write and review as many checks as you'd like within a monthly business cycle.


For additional information, contact a First State Bank representative at (903) 676-1900. 


*If the account exceeds the 50 maximim allowed in a monthly business cycle for two consecutive months, it will be reviewed for a potential increase up to the next level up. 

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