We are seeing progress on our downtown Athens drive thru ATM and night deposit box. Although still closed, we expect both to be functional soon and will provide updates.


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Enhanced Online Security is our Log-In authentication system for Online Banking.  It utilizes multiple layers of security to ensure that your accounts and information remain secure.  Enhanced Online Security protects you from fraud and identity theft by preventing unauthorized access to your accounts.

How does Enhanced Online Security work?  The system uses multiple layers of security ensuring unauthorized users cannot gain access to your accounts.  We do this by verifying three important criteria.

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  • Your Log In Credentials - Access ID and Password must match with our system records or access is refused.
  • Your Device - We check the device you are using - whether it's your computer or mobile phone.  If we don't recognize the device, we may ask you to complete a Security Challenge to ensure your identity.
  • Your Location - If access is being requested from a distant state or foreign country we may request you to pass a Security Challenge. 
  • Extended Validation - The extended validation feature (anti-phishing measure) displays a green bar over the website URL, providing Internet banking customers with visual confirmation that they are on a valid website.

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